Top 10 Most Famous Websites in The World

Top 10 Most Famous Websites in The World

Top 10 Most Famous Websites in The World

Are you using most popular website within the world? inspect this list of the most visited websites in 2020 to see how many you recognize. Maybe you will find a new favorite website.

This list of the foremost visited websites probably includes ones you’ve heard of, but a couple might surprise you. Most of these popular websites are on this list year after year as they prove to be the best websites around for what they provide.

Here is a list of

Top 10 Most Famous Websites in The World


Top 10 Most Famous Websites in The World

Google is world’s most famous search engine. Billions of people generate billion of searches every single day, and it isn’t only for search—Google also offers a huge variety of peripheral services.

In 2020, is the no 1 most famous website in both the worldwide market and within the U.S.


Top 10 Most Famous Websites in The World

You’ve probably watched a video on YouTube in the week, as did many people. YouTube is the most famous video website on the worldwide, will billions of videos being watched every single day. is the second most famous website in both the worldwide market and within the U.S. for 2020, even though a huge portion of YouTube views are from outside the U.S.


Top 10 Most Famous Websites in The World

TMall is an online retail site in China. it is a spin-off of the Taobao site, which is operated by the Alibaba Group. as the world’s second-largest e-commerce website, TMall has more than 500 million monthly active users.


Facebook is the most famous social media site on the online. more than 2 billion active users access Facebook daily across the world to communicate with family and friends.

As of 2020, is the number 4 most famous website within the global market and within the U.S.


With a 70 percent search market share, Baidu is the largest Chinese-language search engine and is used by millions of people a day. The estimate is that 90 percent of China uses Baidu as a search engine.

Much like Google, Baidu offers companion sites including an alternate to AdWords, Translate, and Maps.

Baidu is the number 5 most famous website globally and therefore the second most visited site in China. just one percent of Baidu visitors are from the U.S.

QQ, also called Tencent QQ, is a Chinese web portal for all kinds of things, like an instant messaging service, music, shopping, blogging, and more.

QQ holds the Guinness record for the highest number of simultaneous online users on an instant messaging program with just over 210 million users. Active monthly users exceed 800 million.

QQ is ranked number 6 on the worldwide list of the top 10 most famous websites and number 3 in China. U.S. users amount to less than two percent of traffic.

Another Chinese website, Sohu offers things like a search engine, news, gaming, email, and advertising.

Sohu is ranked the 7th most visited website within the world, and sits at number 4 in China.


Taobao is an online shopping website in China. It offers clothing and electronics for all ages, and users can purchase or sell on the site. is the world’s largest e-commerce website, and has more than one billion product listings.

In 2017, and together had a transaction volume so high that it outperformed all e-commerce sites and retailers within the U.S. is ranked number 8 globally and number 6 in China U.S. users account for around 1.5 percent of the site’s total traffic.


Yahoo is a web portal and search engine. It offers mail, news, maps, videos, and lots of other web services. Yahoo doesn’t hand out its statistics freely, but a recent estimate put the number of visitors per month at about 1 billion. Yahoo ranks at number 9 globally and number 5 within the U.S. 2020 list of the most famous websites

10. is a website that belongs to the Chinese internet security company Qihoo 360. It offers antivirus software, an internet browser, system tools, online games, a mobile app store, and more. is the 10th most visited site within the world and ranks as the 7th most famous website in China

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