Sunidhi Chauhan Biography And Story

Sunidhi Chauhan Biography And Story

Sunidhi Chauhan Biography And Story

Here is Sunidhi Chauhan Biography And Story

This story is of an outstanding female singer. Her voice is uniquely kittenish and is very playful. Her name is Sunidhi Chauhan. Sunidhi Chauhan was born on 14th August 1983 in New Delhi. She was born in a Rajput family of India. Her father Dushyant Kumar Chauhan is originally from Uttar Pradesh, India. And had served as stage worker at Chiram Bharti KalaKendra theater at Delhi.

Her mother was a housewife. Her mother was the one to inspire her to make a career in singing. From the age of 4 years she used to participate in local singing competitions. Some of the friends of her father insisted to get her professionally trained she could be a great singer in the future. Sunidhi Chauhan started concentrating on nothing but music only.

She used to repeatedly listen to the cassettes and CDs of old times and used to practice her singing. She used to live at the DilshadGarden area of east Delhi. She studied at Greenway Modern School. After setting her foot firm in singing at an early age she left studies. Once a well-known actress and announcer Tabassum heard Sunidhi singing and then made her the part of her live show Tabassum hit parade. Because of it, her family was advised to shift from Delhi to Mumbai.

Her father too had to struggle. He left his job and shifted to Mumbai with Sunidhi when she was 11 years old. Initially, they had to face paucity. After that SunidhiChauhan got trained at great music director duo Kalyaanji Anandji. Kalyaanji named her Sunidhi. Actually she was named Nidhi at her birth. Kalyaanji felt that Sunidhiname would bring her luck. Sunidhi worked well at KalyaanjiAnandji’s institute of Little Wonders. She also performed in many shows.

But her father wanted her to become a playback singer and sing for Hindi movies. Her voice was such magical that it captured hearts of all. It’s true that success came to her through the famous reality show of India. But when she stepped in playback singing she proved her real talent. Her voice suited to every big actress like Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Kajol, and Urmila Matondkar. Famous singer Sonu Nigam too helped Sunidhi.

He not only inspired her but also taught her the ways of working. Gradually the magic of Sunidhi’s voice got her into the list of Top 100 celebrities of Forbes. Everything was going on well. Industry had found banging playback singer when at the age of 18 Sunidhi Chauhan got married to director and Choreographer Bobby Khan.

They had met during a shoot of the music video. It’s been said that their love story progressed secretly. But the marriage didn’t go well for long. After that, her friendship grew with well-know music composer Hitesh Sonic. The friendship grew into love and then they got married. A baby boy was born to her after marriage. Sunidhi Chauhan won numerous awards. She worked with big music directors. And at a very young age, she achieved such great success that one could just dream about.

Sunidhi Chauhan Biography And Story

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