Ravi Kishan Biography And Story

Ravi Kishan Biography And Story

Ravi Kishan Biography And Story

Here is Ravi Kishan Biography And Story

This is the tale of Ravi Kishen Shukla a well-known actor Ravi Kishen. He was born on 17th July 1969. He was born in one of the chawlsin Santacruz area of Mumbai in a small house. He was the youngest among five siblings. His father was a priest and also owned a small dairy. When Ravi was just 10 years old his father had a miff with his elder brother. Because of which they had to close down their dairy business and had to relocate with his entire family to Jonpur Uttar Pradesh. He lived in Jonpur for around seven years. He was not at all interested in studies. He used to miss Mumbai a lot.

He was very impressed with one of the dialogues of Amitabh Bachchan in the movie Deewar. “Never have I accepted the money flanged at me’. With such an attitude he wanted to achieve something in his life. However, he also was the part of Ram Leela. Most of the time he played the role of Sita in Ram Leela. His father wanted him in the dairy business.

He also used to get thrashed on denying his father. By borrowing 500 rupees from his mother, he came to Mumbai. On returning to Mumbai, he started living in his same house of Mumbai. And with the help of his friend Ritesh Shetty, he could reach some filmmakers. He was paid rupees 5000 for acting in a B Grade film ‘Pitambar’. He character in Salman’s film Tere Naam’ was much acclaimed. And his new identity was created in the film industry.

He was not getting much success in the Mumbai film industry. Therefore someone offered him a Bhojpuri film. He asked his mother whether he must act in Bhojpuri film. Since he used to talk Avadhilanguage in his family and Avadhi resembled the Bhojpuri language. His mother told him to go ahead with the Bhojpuri film. Just do it for your village people. Since then he become a Bhojpuri superstar.

His success was so huge. that he shifted from a small house to his own big bungalow. Being a Bhojpuri Superstar he also was seen in a show ‘Big Boss’. Ravi Kishen believes that if his father wasn’t stern with him he certainly would’ve become a goon or a drug addict. Famous dance director Ganesh Acharya in his childhood used to dance with him at the Santacruz Railway colony. Especially during Ganesh Utsav, they used to have a blast. He considers Saif Ali Khan as one of his closest friends.

Along with Bhojpuri films, he also worked in Telugu cinema. In reality show named ‘Jhalak Dikhla Ja’he was seen as one of the contestants. Then he acted in Kannada film, Tamil film, and also continued acting in Bhojpuri films. He was awarded as most popular actor during ETV Bhojpuri Samman. He was also a popular face in politics.

He represented Indian National Congress in the Jonpur elections but failed to win. After this, he joined Bhartiya Janata Party on the suggestion of his friend and competitor Manoj Tiwari. In his personal life, he got married to Preeti. They have four children. But still, he is very much attached to his home town Bisoni in Jonpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Raised in a very poor family Ravi Kishen worked hard, obeyed his parents, and by facing risks, he scaled such height of success which is dreamed by many struggling actors.

Ravi Kishan Biography And Story

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