Nana Patekar Biography And Story

Nana Patekar Biography And Story

Nana Patekar Biography And Story

His name is Vishwanath Nana Patekar. He was born on 1st January 1951. He was born in Murud-Janjira, Raigad, Maharashtra. His father, Dinkar Patekar, was a textile printing businessman. The mother’s name was Sanjana Bai Patekar. He completed his studies sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts. Very few people know that he often helps police to make sketches of the criminals. Before coming to the film industry, he worked for Advertising Agency.

He came into movies as Smita Patil forced him. She knew him from Pune. She took him to famous producer Ravi Chopra. The film was ‘Aaj Ki Awaz’. He was given the role of a rapist. Nana Patekar felt bad hearing it. He fought with him and he was given a better role. If you turn back and see, ups and down in Nana Patekar’s life were giving him the training of acting. His father had a small business in textile painting. His father would enjoy seeing his son’s plays. Not only that, but he also used to take Nana Patekar to watch plays.

Nana Patekar used todo drama in his village. He used to feel that his father loved his elder brother more than him. An incident took place when he worked in a play named ‘Valmiki’. His father came from afar to witness the play. Nana Patekar then felt relieved. When he was only 13 years old. his family went through turmoil. His father incurred major losses in business. His entire property got sold. At the age of 13, he would go to school in the morning and work in the evening. He would go to Chunabhatti which is 8 km away from his house and paint the film posters.

He would get Rs. 35 per month. Whenever his father said children have grown up and I don’t have money to feed them. Nana Patekar would cry. Sometimes Nana Patekar would simply visit his friend’s house at lunch or dinner time. He used to think that it is lunchtime and his friend would offer him food. But still, Nana Patekar didn’t give up acting. He worked under the direction of Vijaya Mehta, a famous artist. That role was appreciated so much. that everyone knew he would become a famous actor in the future. He was doing theater when he married Neelakanti. He used to earn Rs. 750 a month. Because he would get Rs. 50 for a show.

His wife was earning Rs. 2500 a month. She was a banker. She would always say, ‘you work in theater, I will earn money’. ‘I am sure that one day you’ll earn lots of money.’ They both fell in love and they married when he was only 27 years old. They had a child. Because of some complications during birth, that child died very soon. They had another son. His name is Malhar. Seeing his acting skills in ‘Salam Bombay’  the film industry was coming to him. He was signed for the movie, ‘Angaar’. He even got an award for this movie. and he was seen as villainous well as a hero in the film industry. Whether Marathi or Hindi cinema, Nana Patekar did wonders.

Film ‘Krantiveer’ proved that Nana Patekar’sdialogue delivery makes everyone happy. Whether is Amol Palekar’s’Thoda Sa Romani Ho Jaye’ or Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s ‘Parinda’. Nana Patekar molds in every character. A time came when he became the director of the movie. Name of the movie was’Prahaar – The final attack’ he personally took army training for it. This film became very famous. There was a cartoon series on Doordarshan named ‘The Jungle Book’ he gave voice over for Sher Khan. Nana Patekar gave his voice for Sher Khan. No matter what role it is, hero, villain, or comedy every role is done by him is impossible for any other actor to do.

He was given a National award many times. For movies like ‘Parinda’,’Krantiveer’, and ‘Agnisakshi’. The list goes on. One can know from the choice of his movies that not only acting, but he also has the same passion for life. Nana Patekar’s name will be taken with respect in the history of Indian Cinema.

Nana Patekar Biography And Story

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