Kumar Gaurav Biography And Story

Kumar Gaurav Biography And Story

Kumar Gaurav Biography And Story

Here is Kumar Gaurav Biography And Story

This is the story of Manoj Tuli. Manoj Tuli who became a super-star in the 80s. The lover boy from love Story’ Kumar Gaurav. Kumar Gaurav was born on 11th July, 1960. His father was JubileeKumar aka Rajendra Kumar and his mother was Shukl. He was born in the city of Lucknow. He was named Manoj by his parents. He did his schooling from bishops Cotton School, Shimla. He witnessed the huge stardom of his father. When he told his father that he wanted to be an actor his father took his screen test. After the screen test, Vijeta Pandit was chosen as his heroine. Mr. Rahul Rawail directed the film but they had some differences before the completion of the film and Mr. Rahul Rawail didn’t get the official credit. The music for the film was composed by RD Burman and the lyrics were written by Mr.Anand Bakshi.

It turned out to be a musical hit. The songs of the film became a highlight of singer Amit Kumar’s career. Kumar Gaurav became a star overnight. His father thought of getting him married to his bosom friend Raj Kapoor’s daughter Rima. They got engaged and people thought that Rajendra Kumar and RajKapoor would become relatives. During the shooting of the film ‘Love Story,’ there were rumors that Kumar Gaurav had fallen in love with Vijeta Pandit. He broke off his engagement with Rima. It was a great setback to Rajendra Kumar and Raj Kapoor’s friendship.

Kumar Gaurav and Vijeta Pandit’srelation didn’t last long. This is your room and this is my room. I won’t stay here. What do you think of yourself? I want to assure you that neither your beauty or money can tempt me. I just want one thing from you. I want to write a beautiful story about your journey. I want to publish the story and become famous. Understood? He fell in love with Namrata Dutt, the elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dutt. They got married and had two daughters. Mother India’s Birju, Ramu, and Radha became relatives. Kumar Gaurav had a wonderful screen presence. Girls were crazy for him.

But his films weren’t doing well. He worked opposite talented heroines. Poonam Dhillon, Padmini Kolhapure. Mahesh Bhatt’s film ‘Naam’ in which acted with his brother-in-law Sanjay Dutt did wonders at the box-office. But Sanjay Dutt more mileage than Kumar Gaurav. ‘Janam’, ‘Naam’, ‘Phool’ were films in which his work was appreciated. Madhuri Dixit was cast opposite him in the film ‘Phool’. His father-in-law Mr. SunilDutt featured in a supporting role. But Kumar Gaurav’s luck never favored him again.

In the 90s Kumar Gaurav had almost disappeared from the industry. He was then seen in some different films like ‘Gang’ and ‘Kante’. He was appreciated for his roles. But by that time he had missed his train to success. Super-star Salman Khan is greatly inspired by Kumar Gaurav. His father Rajendra Kumar had given him the lessons. One should never give his pen, gun, and car to anybody. A pen expresses our thoughts and so it should be under your control. A gun is a responsibility. No one can take care of a car better than its owner.

Kumar Gaurav featured in many television interviews where he answered the questions gracefully. His daughter Sanchi got married to legendary filmmaker KamalAmrohi’s grandson Bilal Amrohi. There’s an interesting story about why his name was changed from Manoj Tuli to Kumar Gaurav. There was already a superstar Manoj Kumar in the film industry. So when he decided to be an actor his name was changed to Gaurav. Kumar Gaurav is one of those stars who witnessed superstardom after his very first film. Many actors wait for that kind of stardom even after doing a dozen films. Kumar Gaurav’s name will always occupy a place of pride for his acting skills, good looks, and screen presence.

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