Kishore Kumar Biography And Story

Kishore Kumar Biography And Story

Kishore Kumar Biography And Story

Here is Kishore Kumar Biography And Story

This is the story of a legendary carefree artist. His name is Kishore Kumar. Kishore Kumar was born on 4th August 1929. He was born in a Bengali family in Kandwa which is in Madhya Pradesh. He was named AbhasKumar Ganguly after birth. His father KunjalalGanguly was a lawyer. His mother Gauri Devi hailed from a renowned family in Bengal. Kunjalal Ganguly was called by the Kamavishedhar Gokhale family. Kamavishedhar Gokhale’sfamily called Kunjala Ganguly to Khandwa to work as their lawyer. Kishore Kumar was the youngest of four siblings. His elder brother was Ashok Kumar followed by Sati Devi and Anoop Kumar. Kishore Kumar was very young when his elder brother that is Dadamoni had already become an actor.

There’s an interesting story about him which states that Kishore Kumar’s voice would always break down when he was young. He had a rough voice. But one day he cut his finger and started bleeding. Painkillers were very weak in those days. Whenever the medicines were applied he would cry out loudly. Crying aloud cleared his voice. His voice was no longer rough. All of us are aware of his melodious voice. Kishore Kumar wanted to follow the footsteps of his elder brother and become a singer. He was inspired by KAL Saigal since childhood. Ashok Kumar wanted his younger brother Kishore Kumar to be an actor.

His name was changed from Abhas to Kishore Kumar. In the film ‘Ziddi’ Hemchandra Prakash gave Kishore Kumar a chance to do playback singing. The song was”Marne Ki Duyaei Kyun Marangu”. There was a confusion fora long time about the fact if Kishore Kumar was an actor or director? Was he a singer or lyric writer? Kishore Kumar Wasnt interested in acting. But his elder brother Ashok Kumar pressurized him to act. There was a time when legendary singer Mohd. Rafi did playback singing for Kishore Kumar. Kishore Kumar worked in the films of legendary directors like Bimal Roy and Hrishikesh Mukherjee like ‘Naukri’ and ‘Musafir’. These films were followed by films like ‘Naya Andaz’, ‘Bhagam Bhag’, ‘Bhai-Bhai’, ‘Asha’ and the famous ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi’. He acted as well and sang for these films.

There were many music composers who didn’t consider Kishore Kumar a proper singer. They said that he was dramatic and always kept acting. It was an era when Talat Mahmood, Mukesh, Mohd. Rafi, Manna Dey was renowned singers. People remember KishoreKumar’s film ‘Half-Ticket’. In this film, he sang the song”Aake Seedhi Laagi” in which he sang both the male and female parts. Great music composers Burman played a key role in Kishore Kumar’s career. On their first meeting shore, Kumar sang a song for Dada Burman in his Dada Burman’s voice. He was pleasantly surprised. He got the combination of SD Burman and Dev Anand. The song”Gaata Rahe Mera Dil” from Guide left a great mark on everybody’s minds.

After that Kishore da decided that he would only sing. He stopped acting for some time. Film ‘Aradhana’ made Rajesh Khanna a super-star and the Kishore Kumar won the hearts of the audience with his singing. After that be it Rajesh Khanna or Amitabh Bachchan or Rishi Kapoor, Kishore Kumar sang for all super-stars. Be it RD Burman orLaxmikant-Pyarelal Bappi Lahiri or Kalyanji-Anandji all of them were fans of Kishore Kumar’s voice. Kishore Kumar sang most of the songs in every film. Kishore Kumar also directed films like ‘Door Wadiyon Mein Kahi’,’Chalti Ka Naam Zindagi’, ‘Door Ka Rahi’, ‘Sabash Daddy’. Some films were completed while others remained incomplete. Who can forget the film door Gagan Ki Chaon Mein’?  Kishore Kumar was a jovial and happy-go-lucky artist. but at the same time, he was very mature. He had a great sixth sense.

When legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray was making ‘Pather Panchali’ he needed some money. Kishore Kumar gave him 5000 rupees. Satyajit Ray returned the money after the film was completed. But, Kishore Kumar always kept reminding him that he had helped him. Kishore Kumar had shot the making of ‘Pather Panchali’. Unfortunately, the video cassette went missing. Kishore Kumar’s duets with Lata Mangeskar and Asha Bhonsle were loved by everybody. Whether it was a fast or a slow number Kishore Kumar’s voice ruled everywhere.

If we look at the personal life of Kishore Kumar we’ll see that he was married to Rama Guhathakurta at a very young age. They had a son whom they named Amit Kumar. The marriage didn’t last long. The marriage lasted only 8-9 years. His second marriage was with the beautiful and lively actress Madhubala. It’s believed that Madhubala was in love with Dilip Kumar in those days. He needed a shoulder to cry on when they broke off. Kishore Kumar was going through a divorce at that time. So they got support from each other and they got married. Kishore Kumar was warned that Madhubala had a heart problem and might not survive long.

Madhubala’s father told them to get married after she gets treated. But Kishore da said that he would marry her first and then take her abroad for treatment. Kishore da knew that things weren’t right.. Madhubala’s condition deteriorated. Time passed and one day Madhubala expired. Kishore Kumar was alone and at that time actress Yogita Bali came in his life. They were married for two years. But their marriage didn’t last long. He then proposed to marry actress Leena Chandravarkar.

Leena Chandravarkar was warned by her friend Sanjeev Kumar that she shouldn’t be over-friendly with Kishore Kumar. If he tried to be friendly then she should make him her brother. When Leena asked him the reason he said that she would land up marrying him. And the same happened. Kishore Kumar was famous for getting his payments. There was a producer named Talwar. He owed him some money. Since he failed to pay him Kishore Kumar would often visit him and say. Kishore Kumar was alone in life. His friends were Amritranjan, Hari Niranjan and Fatafat. You must be wondering who they are. These were the three trees in his bungalow with whom he would often converse.

This story about him became very popular because once a journalist questioned him that he was alone in life and never attended any parties. Kishore da had answered that he went for parties that took place on the lawn of his house. He said that he conversed with the trees in his garden. Kishore Kumar had a son from his fourth marriage. He was named Sumit Kumar. Kishore Kumar’s heart problems were getting serious. His songs were doing very well. His son Amit Kumar had become a famous playback singer. No one knew that Kishore Kumar would leave the world forever at the time when he was happy in life and had love.

Kishore Kumar had thrown a party on 13th October. Ashok Kumar’s birthday falls on 13th October. It was a surprise birthday party for his elder brother. The people of the film industry were pouring in but no one knew that Kishore Kumar had already suffered a heart attack and he had left the world forever. During his final moments, when his wife wanted to call the doctor he said that he would actually suffer a heart attack if a doctor came. He said that he would get well. But that didn’t happen. Kishore da passed away and after that, his elder brother never celebrated his birthday. 13th October 1987 was the day when this legendary singer. Lively jovial artist left this world forever. Indian film industry would always remain incomplete without Kishore Kumar. One artist who completes the film industry is Kishore Kumar. “Our near and dear ones are always close to heart.

Kishore Kumar Biography And Story

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