Born Poor, Die Poor How to Tackle Poverty

Born Poor Die Poor How to Tackle Poverty

Born Poor Die Poor How to Tackle Poverty?

when you live in the poorest level of society and you have hardly money to eat or to live or to fulfill basic needs the message that gets constantly mirrored back to you is you where’s nothing you are not needed by anyone this experience of your worth something is not part of the design when you live in poverty to create a change in someone’s life you have to have the human moment where one human shows another human that you can do something as human beings we are only looking at the future so when we talk about the future it’s the youth it’s the children but when we think of elders then it’s automatically thought that their life is going to end soon so there is no future.

One of the sad aspect of aging while working in this field is looking at abandoned elders they have literally been left on the streets by their own children many of them don’t even care whether they are alive or not I try to identify a few things and I realize that there were a few issues that were close to my heart and then I realized that I had this fear of aging and when I questioned myself why I have this fear usually you tend to form an opinion based on what you see around you but the irony is the fact that we ourselves are going to grow old and right now we all are active we all are the voices of people but tomorrow when you grow old and if you are treated like an invisible person how would you feel when I grow old I don’t want to be invisible I want to live in a society that I’ve created and listen here we are a for-profit social enterprise working in the field of aging there are issues related to loneliness that’s coming up there are also issues related to isolation so in order to address these issues that’s going on in the society with senior citizens we try to engage them in social activities it could be anything that they’re interested in it would be music it would be a trip it would be anything that can get them out of their houses.

If you’re thinking about poverty what kind of a situation does it have to be for a human to take their parents and leave them on the street because they can’t provide for them anymore this has been the most painful place I’ve to think I’ve been in my life – at the same time is a place of hope and humanity Dhani is trying to give dignity to these lives all these bits that make life worth living being poor and being old is in a way even worse than being young and being poor because being young being poor there’s this window of maybe.

Nepal is source country for human trafficking because of its poverty and the lack of education and awareness these girls are trafficked into sex industries in India I learned about how the girls and women are treated now able to help someone I thought I would help one person but ended up being a help to many we are fighting human trafficking at all levels when anyone is rescued and come here in haven first they are kind of broken their shattered they feel worthless a lot of dreams are sold to them some time they would be told that they’ll become a movie star in India or working in Bank or working in a hospital or big hotels they become easy prey it becomes very difficult to even grasp how terrible the life inside the brothel is.

Can you tell me what happens in this house who comes who lives here primarily when we rescue woman from the border or from community or from wherever possible after rescue these girls are brought here and then this is the house where they will have rebuilding process life rebuilding process it’s totally a family environment where they will feel very secure very safe we try to giving them the sense of acceptance that they feel that they have some people still respect them love them and give their self-worth the main reason for lots of trafficking is due to poverty because there is so much a desperate need for filling of the stomach obviously poverty please them into looking for something so that the basic needs are made not many children go to school up in the villages so they are totally unaware of what the trafficking means and what will that impact in their life so when the question is does poverty define life the sad answer is 100 percent adults if we allow ourselves to create societies that are too poor to educate children then this life begins without the possibility to grow by themselves.

So I mean in our sources it’s unstable energy to use over and over and a solar panel stores energy throughout here so that’s why if electricity is gone we can we can use solar panels boots as mobile phone it’s as TV to tell you the future television except the problem poverty is bringing the number one problem over here is people of Nepal are working in foreign countries doing menial work you know modern-day slavery it’s not like there’s nothing that can be done there’s so many things to do and yes sir education and giving kids skills I think that’s the two-thirds of our students in this country go to public schools and about 74 percent of them fail every year not being able to pass a silly examination as I would say just mass failures that’s what improvised okay so improvising is being ready for the wildlife happening to you and still standing your ground and not be afraid to show up anyway talk about all those like big topics and we talked that you talk about capitalism and communism and like political concepts I’ve never seen such interactive playful fun ways to drag with these really big topics a classroom can be a great place to discuss the talk I’ve been in classrooms in different parts of the world in schools and universities and I think classes pure can be just at the same level or even better one of the reasons we are very I would say maybe successful or very different is people who are working here or myself you know anybody here who I live in here are very passionate and what we’re doing in our lives and I think you can feel it when you walk here and that of course to the students.

We are the first and only chain of free private schools in the pulp I feel like we are a very modern global thinking small little place we give free education to the locals in exchange for two days of volunteering work from the parents we use their time in our agricultural work construction work handicrafts and anything else related to ecotourism to produce some money the students they will not have to go to Qatar or quit and you know become modern-day slaves they’re going to stay here they’re gonna get into politics they’re gonna get into sports they’re gonna go to different fields and there is no reason why this place cannot be as happy as any other place in the world and yeah I think a new generation of leaders users of youth is coming.

Because I’m the most important thing that you learn in education is to have your sense of reality a sense of what is out there what is the world and what is in there who are you and what are you worth and what can you do what is what are your abilities so the foundation of Education is to have a sense of empowerment and a sense of hope that you can do anything and that you can build your own life it’s like my lever up a lot I feel Ibuki coach right now no Carol a post request of the CONUS actor Mota mirror-like the big deal and you must stay arunya Boyer collide not be gross my liver that’s our boy nigga given him a botanist Oksana Malaya too low Esther Vasant Allah given a hooniverse coup d’etat Carmen chill a polarity Medina song Collaros Fatale doll maker of benedictions again a near-dead Palazzo de Sade Nia theta game near them at an opening Dana Lenovo Dijonnaise Allah any protector pussy the protein bars any other common name. Well at Alana’s Osama is touched a boob or say corta Liberty mana between build aa rock tam vong nice hostel Timothy cam gorilla souvenir boot even joking only come to go to another.

Wow was even in the inside heavily yes so you also get your training the women to become able to so and they study with you in a while anyway yes they took training and then once they know how to do things then they go back to their community and start their own business does it change the community when they are they were vulnerable have been trafficked and when we rescue them the whole community mindset is a bond on them they have the belief that if they accept then the whole community will be cursed.

But after they go back to their community with the business plan package whatever they have and when they start doing something the whole mindset of that extreme becomes just willing to accept and then willing to associate that’s just so huge and with the contrast life that once they felt they are the normal world now when they see all of a sudden boom they feel like achieving the whole world we look at senior citizens as assets not as a Board of you know because at the end of the day we should value them we should respect them for what they have what we are trying to create here is to change the mindset of people.

Without them, the society is not completed not because psycho those single cases where one individual founder has reached out to one individual human being to help them out of poverty this might look like one single case and one drop of the ocean of the inequality in the globalized world but help and hope can spread like wildfire the wait on social entrepreneurs who stand up because they cannot belong go watch for anything to happen is not something that society should rely on but take it as a wake-up call if you plant the seed of hope back into this human life you can be sure that this life will grow again.

Born Poor Die Poor How to Tackle Poverty

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