Bhagyashree Biography And Story

Bhagyashree Biography And Story

Bhagyashree Biography And Story

Here is Bhagyashree Biography And Story

This is the story of a unique heroine. She proved her talent in her very first film. The audience loved her. The film was ‘Maine Pyar Kiya and the actress we’re talking about is.. ..Bhagyashree. She was born on 23rd February,1969. Her father Vijay Singhrao Patwardhanwas the king of Sangli. Sangli is a town in Maharashtra. Her family lived in Mumbai but their family visited Sangli.. least three times in a year. Young Bhagyashree would be confused when.. ..elderly ladies in Sangli would touch her feet. But that was a custom to show reverence to the royal family. Yes, a special guest is going to come. Around 6 lakh people used to gather in Sangli during Ganeshotsav.

Her family has an ancestral temple there. She used to live an ordinary life in Mumbai. Her father was well-educated. Her father had an engineering degree, law degree, and.. ..was a well-known businessman. Her mother was a housewife. Madhubanti and Poornimaare her younger sisters who are.. ..settled in America and Canada after marriage. You can take any amount of money you want to invest in the business. The story about her preparations before appearing.. ..on the silver screen is interesting. Famous actor, producer and film-maker Amol Palekar was.. ..making a serial names’Kacchi Dhoop’.

Amol Palekar’s daughter Shyalmali and.. ..Bhagyashree’s younger sister Madhuvanti were of the same age. They were friends. Amol Palekar asked her younger sister to play a role.. his television serial. She accepted the offer instantly. Bhagyashree was studious and a bookworm. She was the monitor in her class. A huge set was builtin Mumbai’s Nataraj Studio. A night before the shooting commenced.. ..Amol Palekar asked Bhagyashree to play. ..the role of the elder sister in his serial. Bhagyashree was nervous. She had never acted. Later they found out that the actress who was supposed.. play the elder sister’s role had left the serial.

Bhagyasree was cast as the elder sister at the last moment. Bhagyashree agreed to play the role as the serial was in trouble. The shooting of ‘Kacchi Dhoop’was over in a month. People became her fan after watching her in the serial. She gave her first autographing Washington, America. Suraj Barjatiya of Rajshri Films knew her family. After watching her in the serial ‘Kacchi Dhoop’.. ..he offered her the main lead in ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. It was the first film by Suraj Barjatiya. She was reluctant in the beginning.. ..but after hearing the story Bhagyashree broke down. ..and said that it was a wonderful story. But she hadn’t agreed to do the film at that point. She gave the excuse that she had to attend college.. ..and wouldn’t be able to adjust shooting with college.

She was not ready to do kissing scenes and.. ..would wear only decent costumes. Suraj Barjatiya accepted all her terms and conditions. She attended her college while shooting for the film. Salman Khan was the main lead opposite her. Suraj Barjatiya had recently married. His wife Ms. Vanita would often visit the sets with delicious food. She was eighteen when the shooting of ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ commenced. She never imagined that she would be a star overnight. But it came true. She was also in love during the shooting of ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’.. ..with her school friend Himalaya.

When they brought up the topic of their marriage.. ..Bhagyashree’s father refused to give his consent. Her parents thought that she was very young to get married. One day she called Himalaya and said that they should get married.. ..that very night or they could never be together. Himalaya reached her home in fifteen minutes. They got married in a  small ceremony. Suraj Barjatiya’s family and Salman Khan were present.. ..during their wedding.

They’ve a son and a daughter from this marriage. She worked with her husband in many films after marriage.. ..for example, ‘Qaid main Hai Bulbul’,’Payal’. She also worked as a main lead in Tamil and Telegu films. Who can forget the Telegu film’Yuvaratna Rana’? Even after marrying and settling down, she made a comeback.. television serials.

She worked in “Laut Aao Trisha’. She later became the promoter of media company Sri Entertainment. Her son Abhimanyu trained to work in theatre and films. Her daughter Avantika is not interested in acting. Bhagyashree is amongst those very few fortunate actresses.. ..who attained the kind of success in her very first film.. ..that other actresses fail to achieve even after doing a dozen films. Bhagyashree’s name will be taken with great pride in Indian cinema.

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